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Webinar: Scientific Imperative of Clinical Trial Diversity & Impact on COVID-19

Van derden


Most of the currently available data worldwide is showing us that more men are dying of COVID-19, while more women are getting infected. Immunological differences might play a significant role in this, as well as differences in pre-existing conditions. In addition, exposure patterns, testing criteria, case definitions and access to healthcare might modify these patterns.


In this webinar, we’ll explore:

  • The role that genetic variation and gender may play in how a patient responds to a drug or medical product
  • The importance of diversity in clinical trials in general and trials for COVID-19 treatments and vaccinations
  • The status quo in sex and gender-sensitive research and what should be done that is practically feasible in an everyday clinical and research context
  • What the pandemic is teaching us about the impact of sex, gender and ethnicity on health


For those who can’t attend our live session, we’ll provide a recording.


Featured speakers

Alekhya Pochiraju, Genentech

Dr Sabine Oertelt-Prigione, Radboud UMC


Alekhya Pochiraju will explore how non-Caucasian and underserved populations must be appropriately represented in clinical trials to ensure the efficacy of treatments for all populations. Genetic variation (e.g. ancestral background) may play a key role in how a patient responds to a drug or medical products, yet clinical trials often lack diversity and minority-equity. Having minority populations represented in clinical evaluation ensures robustness and enhances predictability of how new treatments might perform on these demographics.


Professor Dr Sabine Oertelt-Prigione MD, PhD, MScPH, a physician and expert on gender and sex-sensitive research, will give a general overview of the current situation, starting from a medical standpoint and moving into the wider social consequences of this pandemic. She will highlight how the lack of attention to sex and gender can impact statistics, potential therapies and vaccines, livelihoods and the healthcare sector.


Registration information

Event is open to: HBA Members and Nonmembers

Online registration deadline: 12/8/2020

Register here: bit.ly/CTDiversity9Dec