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Virtual Partnering: Infectious Diseases

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02/12/20 -

Infectious diseases have always impacted human history, but in the past 50 years we have managed to control or eliminate some infectious diseases through improved hygiene, vaccination, antimicrobials, advances in medicine and public health policies. However, the current pandemic is a reminder that we need to continue to pursue our efforts to control these pathogens, especially with intercontinental travel and increased mobility of people and animals.

To manage infectious diseases, we use tools such as vaccines, antibiotics, antivirals, diagnostic tools and biomarkers. But today there are many infectious diseases for which we do not have satisfactory preventive tools or treatment options, such as SARS-CoV-2, Zika virus, Ebola virus, multidrug resistant bacteria, HIV, Malaria. To develop these future tools, collaboration is essential, either for sourcing assets in the vaccine, antiviral or antibiotic space, or for finding research tools to help in screening, in-vivo modelling, clinical trials and diagnostics and biomarkers.

From 2-4 December, Inova in collaboration with Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), are organizing a 3-day virtual partnering event on infectious diseases, focusing on diseases caused by organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites. With current travel restrictions, this virtual event will help you to find the right business partner to pursue your objectives.


Through face-to-face meetings, they will discuss the latest research from scientific congresses, learn about emerging start-ups, pitch ideas and partner to prioritize the most promising research efforts.


Registration is open – get your ticket here. Our members benefit from a 15% discount code – please contact HollandBIO’s Robbert for the instructions!


What happens next?

  • Following registration, participants can begin to fill in their company profile
  • On 9 November, the partnering platform is open. Participants will have up to two weeks to make connections and request online meetings.
  • On 2-4 December, the virtual partnering starts with online scheduled meetings for three days and plenary sessions.


Update 24/11:

  • We have a fantastic line-up of speakers for the Plenary session on 3 December, “Investing in Global Health Security: Overcoming challenges in antibiotic development”, including:
    • Gregory Frank, PhD, Senior Director, Infectious Disease Policy, BIO
    • Jeremy Knox, Policy and Advocacy Lead, Drug Resistant Infections Programme, Wellcome Trust
    • Karolina Puskarczyk, Senior Manager, Innovation Policy, Pfizer

This panel will highlight research and collaborations to develop new tools to tackle AMR and provide an update on efforts to facilitate development and uptake of innovation. While these tools may be years from approval, policy engagement to address identified barriers must begin now.  The plenary session is free and open for everyone!