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Utrecht Helpathon on local delivery of drugs

Van derden


Subscribe now to our first Utrecht Transition to Animal-free Innovations helpathon. We will tackle the pressing question of Utrecht UMC Associate Professor Laura Creemers external link.

Laura is inviting anyone who is willing to contribute to think with her about this question: Can you help me develop an animal-free strategy for assessing local concentrations of medicine over time, after injecting them encapsulated in biomaterials?

Some background information: both circulation and the immune system are important for the model. Circulation because it eliminates the local medicine, the immune system because it breaks down the carrier of the medicine. Laura herself has an idea for moving forward, but cannot get it financed. She is asking you to think with her how her idea can be improved and/or realised.

Are you willing to invest one day of your life in bringing the transition towards animal-free innovations further, while meeting interesting people for your own network and being in the middle of creative ideas and new sources of inspiration? Please subscribe.

Our online helpathons are open to anyone interested who speaks English, from any country, working or studying in any field. We feel that diversity fuels out-of-the-box thinking! So please feel welcome.


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