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Utilizing GPEx® Cell Line Development for Difficult-to-Express Proteins

Van derden


Biopharmaceutical products in development continue to increase in complexity, which poses a challenge for pharmaceutical companies looking to improve speed and efficiency of biologic development. Cell line development is a critical step in the development process that impacts protein quality, manufacturing scalability/efficiency, and timelines. The GPEx® suite of cell line development technologies has been utilized to develop hundreds of proteins, including difficult-to-express proteins, in a variety of mammalian cell lines. The GPEx platform is particularly beneficial for complex proteins, such as multi-specific antibodies, unique protein fusions, bioconjugates (including ADCs), proteins requiring cleavage, and proteins requiring other post-translational modification not typically performed by CHO cells.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about new cell line development methodologies that are enabling these complex programs to be performed more efficiently
  • Hear multiple case studies taking complex biopharmaceuticals through the development process
  • Understand a new approach to generate stable pooled cell lines, enabling shortened development timelines