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The sense and non-sense of VBHC today, with recommendations for tomorrow

Van derden


Gerard Klop, co-founder & partner at Vintura will share his VBHC insights and expertise based on our latest publication and years of experience.

We will involve expert opinions and their reflections on ‘the sense and non-sense of VBHC’;

• Janneke van der Kamp, head region Europe, Novartis
• Prof. Dr. Teus van Laar, director of research, Punt voor Parkinson
• Eva Villalba, executive director of the Quebec Cancer Coalition

Host and moderator is Casper Paardekooper, partner at Vintura. Together with the expert panel and participants, we will have a deeper look at specific parts of the report and discuss our views, ask clarifying questions, and share points of view as part of an interactive discussion.

Let’s raise awareness regarding the value of Value-based Healthcare (VBHC) and its applicability,
as well as next steps needed. Let’s meet that challenge together and sign up for this webinar now.

See you Thursday November 4th!

Gerard Klop – Founder and partner at Vintura
Casper Paardekooper – Partner at Vintura