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The Amsterdam Life Sciences Café; Personalised prevention

Van derden


Personalisation takes an increasingly prominent role in the sector. This time we focus on how food gut and genes interact with your overall health. What is Personalised nutrition? Can tailor-made dietary advice result in health improvement? Can we prevent DMT2 in the future?

  • Jos Seegers, Operations Manager at Caelus Pharmaceuticals and Microbiota and probiotics specialist, will give us an introduction on the developments on E.halli to prevent and control diabetes 2 DMT2 and how this contributes to individual-tailored prevention.
  • André Boorsma, Scientist Life Sciences at TNO, Involved in the personalised nutrition & health consortium. Responsible for the development of the infrastructure for the Nutrition Researcher Cohort (NRC). André will also reflect on his work for Habit.com, an important American start-up in the field of personalised nutrition.

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