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Sanquin & Amsterdam UMC: TDM symposium

Van derden


Contemporary use of therapeutic drug monitoring of biologics in chronic diseases: From point of care to personalised medicine

Therapeutic drug monitoring of biologics has moved from a concept to implementation in inflammatory diseases. Sufficient target engagement appears to be of paramount importance, whereas the immunogenicity of the monoclonal antibodies is an additional confounding factor that needs to be addressed. Optimal serum concentrations are the main driver for outcome and personalised medicine.

In this second symposium we will discuss how individualised dosing is being applied successfully in rheumatology, dermatology and gastroenterology. Also, we will discuss the potential of TDM for biologics in oncology.

Sanquin and the Amsterdam UMC jointly organise this symposium where we aim to bring together clinicians and pharmacists/clinical pharmacologists with a special interest in PK-PD of biologics. Together with the participants from pharma this will create a forum to exchange ideas, make new connections and learn.

We look forward to welcoming you in the public library in the very heart of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

The steering committee: Annick de Vries, Theo Rispens, Phyllis Spuls, Ron Mathôt, Gertjan Wolbink en Geert D’Haens

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