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Something Old, Something New: A Disruptive Platform to Repurpose Drugs

Van derden



What if we could use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify new uses for existing drugs looking at the whole genome instead of single pathways? What if we could validate these compounds both ex vivo and in vivo on an integrated platform? What if we could pivot the use of this disruptive platform to make it applicable in the COVID-19 pandemic? Learn how Genome Biologics, a JLABS @ BE company recently selected for Blue Knight, is aiming to do just that.


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European start-ups selected as part of a joint initiative with J&J and the US government


Did you know European start-ups can work with BARDA (a part of the US Government in the US Department of Health and Human Services), too!?


Johnson & Johnson Innovation announced the BLUE KNIGHT™ collaboration to stimulate innovation and incubation of technologies that aim to improve health security and response. Seven JLABS companies from around the world were selected to join as the initial cohort of Blue Knight, two of which are from Europe.


Congratulations to European JLABS companies Genome Biologics and Gabi SmartCare for joining the Blue Knight ranks. Want to watch them prance? Check out the webinars on 9 September and 18 September respectively to learn more about the collaboration with BARDA and about these two selected companies.


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