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SME BioForum 2022 – the voice of SMEs for a competitive, sustainable and healthy Europe

Van derden


EuropaBio – the European Association for Bioindustries is delighted to invite you to its first public SME BioForum event – “SME BioForum 2022 – the voice of SMEs for a competitive, sustainable and healthy Europe.”

Throughout 2022, EuropaBio SME Platform, representing Europe’s biotechnology SME community across healthcare and industrial biotechnology, organised two inaugural SME BioForum sessions. The Platform gathered European SME executives to discuss the latest biotechnology commercial developments, company challenges, and how the European landscape impacts their ability to grow and deliver products and services to the market.

In our first session dedicated to Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs), SME executives discussed their main challenges to growth, focusing on Europe’s Market fragmentation, Regulatory pathways and other bottlenecks. The second SME BioForum session dedicated to Europe’s Green transition was hosted at EuropaBio’s flagship conference, the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy in Vilnius, Lithuania. In this session, SME leaders discussed how European SMEs are driving Europe’s Green transition through Biomanufacturing, Incentives for disruptive technologies and Data use and Digital applications.

Closing this year, EuropaBio will host this online event. Our SME participants and European policymakers will join us to present and debate the latest policy developments for ATMPs and Europe’s Green transition and share their recommendations for achieving a competitive, sustainable, healthy Europe.

Join us online for an engaging discussion on December 13, 11h00 – 12h15 CET.


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