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SensUs Innovation Day: Biosensors for managing rheumatic disease

Van derden


A tiny droplet of blood contains information about the entire body. What if you could read the information in a small and portable biosensor? Come to Eindhoven on the 30th of August, to see the innovations developed by students from all over the world.


SensUs competition

SensUs is the annual international student competition on Sensors for Health. Multidisciplinary teams of students in 14 universities in Europe, North-America, Asia, and Africa are developing biosensors for the detection of a selected biomarker. The competition culminates in the contest where the teams demonstrate their biosensors and their business models to the jury, companies, medical professionals, patients, and to the general public. Last year the contest was visited by 400 people, 4000 people cast their votes, and more than 10.000 people watched the contest remotely.


SensUs 2019

The theme of SensUs 2019 is Managing rheumatic disease by measuring with ease. The teams are challenged to develop innovative biosensors for the detection of adalimumab, an anti-inflammatory drug for treating rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic inflammatory disorder with a worldwide prevalence of 1%. Adalimumab relieves the symptoms by suppressing the body’s inflammation. Adalimumab is a very expensive biological drug and the largest selling pharmaceutical drug worldwide. However, it is not an adequate treatment for every patient. Patients may not have benefits or may even lose treatment benefits over time. A biosensor that can precisely measure the level of adalimumab in a patient’s blood is expected to be of great value for optimally managing the rheumatic disease.


The SensUs Innovation Day

On the 30th of August the 14 international teams will showcase their biosensors for adalimumab at Eindhoven University of Technology. Their biosensors will be judged on analytical performance, creativity, and industrialization potential. Come to the grand SensUs event to witness a glimpse of the future of health care!



We hope to see you at SensUs 2019 on the 30th of August at Eindhoven University of Technology. The event is free of costs.


For more information, please visit www.sensus.org or contact SensUs by mail: pr@sensus.org.