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Scaling the Cell Therapy Supply Chain

Van derden


As the cell therapy market continues to mature with more products making their way to late-phase and commercial-ready state, supply chain efficiency becomes a critical component to secure timely end-to-end production. The inherent complexity specific to manufacturing cells further adds to the challenges spanning across both autologous vs. allogeneic modalities, multiple cell types, and the unique biological blueprint tied to patient and donor sourced cells.

Our expert panel will discuss the crucial parameters for cell therapy supply chain ranging from topics such as chain of identity, chain of custody and scalability.

The audience will gain insight into:

    • Challenges in scaling supply chain parameters as cell therapies continue to evolve from early (small-scale) to late-stage (large-scale) manufacturing
    • Supply chain needs specific to autologous and allogeneic manufacturing
    • Efforts underway to drive supply chain efficiencies in commercial-scale manufacturing