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RSNN Annual Workshop 2022

Van derden


Patient preferences: towards a more structural incorporation in the regulatory pathway

Date:                         Monday 5 September 2022

13:00-18:00 with drinks and optional dinner afterwards

Location:                  Jaarbeurs Utrecht (Media Plaza) & Online

Registration:          Free of charge, click here to register

Event site:               https://events.rsnn.nl/


Patient preferences are of growing interest in the medical product life cycle and are used among others in the decision-making of drugs, benefit-risk trade-offs, health technology assessments, clinical trial designs and post-marketing risk assessments.


In this RSNN workshop we want to explore how to improve the incorporation of patient preferences within the regulatory framework, and especially address how patient preferences can be of most value for regulators, patients, industries, HTA bodies, and other stakeholders. Discussions with the audience from various backgrounds are a critical element in this respect. The program includes many high quality speakers giving their views on the workshop’s topic from various backgrounds. Also, a group exercise will stimulate interaction with the audience.


About the RSNN

The Regulatory Science Network Netherlands (RSNN) is a network of regulatory science experts from industry, academia, governmental bodies and the broader regulatory science field. Our mission is to advance an efficient and effective regulatory system for drug development, marketing authorization and access, and appropriate use of medicines by pooling expertise of all stakeholders, sharing and disseminating knowledge and setting the agenda for further research.



If you have any questions, please contact: info@rsnn.nl