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Realising the Commercial Promise of Europe for Emerging Biopharma

Van derden


Realising the commercial promise of Europe for EBPs – Webinar

What will this webinar address?

Emerging biopharma companies (EBPs) have steadily expanded their role as key drivers of biomedical innovation. In 2021, they were responsible for 65% of the total R&D industry pipeline. Over the past decade, these companies have increasingly held on to their products to file and commercialise their assets themselves.

For most EBPs, the US market is the natural first priority for their own commercialisation efforts. However, to maximise the value of their products, EBPs should expand their horizons beyond the US. Europe, as the second largest pharmaceutical market after the US, is the obvious next choice. Indeed, we are seeing a growing number of EBPs embrace the European opportunity. In the last decade, 42% of all global NAS commercialised by their EBP originators were launched by those same EBPs in Europe.

In this webinar, we will explore opportunities and challenges for EBPs commercialising in Europe and the key choices these companies have to make to succeed.

Why attend?

  • Learn about the commercial promise of Europe
  • Better understand the challenges and critical success factors for European launch
  • Discuss capability requirements in Europe and ownership choices – build vs. partner


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