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Online RSNN workshop together with EMA: Leveraging the value of collaboration – from regulatory science to regulatory innovation

Van derden


One of the main goals of regulatory science is to inform decision-making with the best evidence, and contribute to a regulatory system that is responsive to societal needs, ensures patient access to efficacious and safe medicines, adapts to scientific innovation and conducive to a fertile R&D ecosystem.


In this RSNN workshop we want to explore the key regulatory science questions in the coming years, and especially address how collaborative research can be of most value for regulators, patients, companies, HTA bodies, academia and other stakeholders. Discussions with the audience, representing various backgrounds are a critical element in this respect.


The importance of regulatory science as a building block for continuous improvement of a regulatory system that serves public health is also highlighted in the EMA’s strategic vision ‘Regulatory Science to 2025’, which describes how regulatory science can help to catalyze the integration of science and technology in medicines development, drive collaborative evidence generation, advance patient-centered access to medicines, address emerging health threats and enables research and innovation. These and other topics will play a key role during the workshop.


The full program and registration form are available online.


Date: Tuesday 17 November 2020, 13:30-17:30

Location: The event can be attended online and will be broadcasted from Villa Jongerius in Utrecht.

Registration: Free of charge