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NautaDutilh Life Sciences Seminar 2023

Van Derden


Join the NautaDutih Life Science Seminar! This NautaDutilh-hosted event, in collaboration with Latham & Watkins, will kick off with a panel discussion, followed by two rounds of break-out sessions and then drinks.

Date: Tuesday, 3 October 2023

Location: Beethovenstraat 400, Amsterdam


  1. Fundraising trends and opportunities
    Biotech/life sciences companies are very capital intensive and continuously in search of further funding. In this workshop we will explore the pros and cons of various financing options (regular fundings rounds, convertible loans, SAFEs, option deals, but also non-dilutive funding).
    Samantha Peacock, Latham & Watkins, UK
    Ruud Smits
    , NautaDutilh, The Netherlands
    Jacquelien ten Dam, CFO Mimetas
    Jalal Es-Sbai, CCO Catalyze
  2. M&A and regulatory developments
    M&A in the life sciences sector has its own dynamics (focus on milestones, intellectual property and commercially reasonable efforts) that we will focus on. We will also discuss the impact of foreign direct investment (FDI) regimes that have been recently created in the Netherlands and the UK and CFIUS in the US as well as the introduction of the Foreign Subsidies Regulation (FSR).
    Robbie McLaren, Latham & Watkins, UK
    Sybren de Beurs, NautaDutilh, The Netherlands
    Mauricette Schaufeli, NautaDutilh, The Netherlands
    Philippe Remels, NautaDutilh, Belgium
  3. The Perfect Storm: product liability & class actions
    Life sciences companies are increasingly likely to attract claims and litigation. What is driving this increased exposure? How much more claimant friendly will the new legislation be? In this workshop we will bring you fully up to speed on the new claims landscape (including the role of public enforcement), and how it impacts life sciences companies. Specific attention will be given to the new proposed Product Liability Directive and the EU wide Class Action legislation as a result of the European Directive on representative actions for consumers.
    Christoph Baus, Latham & Watkins, Hamburg
    Stan Brijs, NautaDutilh, Belgium
    Erik Poorthuis, NautaDutilh, The Netherlands
  4. AI and Data in Healthcare: the AI Act and the European Health Data Space
    At the core of healthcare’s evolution lies data, and AI has the ability to harness its potential. Through the analysis of patient records, clinical trials, and research papers, the use of AI can uncover intricate correlations and patterns. This translates into data-driven insights that shape medical research, clinical decision-making, and even public health strategies.
    In order to (further) develop and deploy AI, it is paramount to have qualitative and quantitative data. While the healthcare and life sciences sector is a sector that naturally holds large amounts of sensitive and useful data, the reality is also that this data is generally underutilized, leaving new technological and medical developments behind.
    The European Commission has therefore been working to facilitate the availability and (re)use of health data for health-related research, policy-making and innovation (also known as ‘secondary use’), which has taken shape in the European Health Data Space (“EHDS”). In the context of healthcare, this translates to heightened safeguards for sensitive medical data, transparent decision-making processes, and mechanisms to ensure the responsible utilization of AI technologies in medical settings.
    During this session, we will discuss the ‘AI Act’, which is the regulation that aims to harmonize the rules on the development and use of AI, and the ‘Regulation on the EHDS’ Proposal, which establishes a set of rules and governance mechanisms to regulate the secondary use of health data. What kind of legal barriers are being experienced in practice, and what will these regulatory frameworks mean for sharing and using health care and life science data? Join us during this session to share your market practices, and to discuss the sharing of data and the impact of and interplay between these two regulatory frameworks.
    Joris Willems, NautaDutilh, The Netherlands
    Vincent Wellens, NautaDutilh, The Netherlands
    Sarah Zadeh, NautaDutilh, The Netherlands
  5. IP licensing trends
    Unlocking insights: discover the legal landscape shaping the present and the future of IP licenses in the thrilling realm of life sciences! Join us for an illuminating session on a selection of key issues in IP licensing from both a Dutch as well as a Anglo-Saxon perspective. Emerging trends will be explored and contracting tricks will be shared. Don’t miss out on this session if you want to learn how the new Unified Patent system will impact your license agreements.
    Oliver Mobasser, Latham & Watkins, USA
    Jeroen Boelens, NautaDutilh, The Netherlands
    Lauren Delleman, NautaDutilh, The Netherlands
  6. IPOs in EU vs US
    Want to IPO your company and benefit from future market conditions? But how do you know when to go? When are market conditions right, and on which market? How far in advance do you need to prepare? And what were the pitfalls and lessons learned from others who have successfully sold stakes in the public markets? Come to this workshop and get a grasp of what impacts the Life Sciences IPO market, what the real issues are when going public and how you can prepare now in order to move quickly when the time is right for you.
    Nathan Ajiashvili, Latham & Watkins, USA
    Sophie Stegen, Euronext
    Paul van der Bijl, NautaDutilh, The Netherlands
    Petra Zijp, NautaDutilh, The Netherlands
    Antonia Netiv, NautaDutilh, The Netherlands

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