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mRNA: A voyage of discovery and celebration

Van derden


The existence of messenger(m) RNA was hypothesized early in the days of DNA breakthroughs in the 1960s, and research from the 1990s started to reveal its potential as a therapeutic tool.

mRNA became a household name in 2020 and 2021 as arguably the most important global breakthrough of recent years, with its ability to create a specific proteins underpinning vaccine development in response to Covid-19.
EuropaBio is delighted to host the final event of its 25th Anniversary programme with a focus on the story of mRNA. Its first steps into commercial development, challenges to bring a vaccine to millions of people and life beyond Covid – the destination for mRNA in oncology and other significant health applications.

We bring together protagonists from across the spectrum, including:
Inmar Hoerr, CureVac Founder and holder of the first patents associated with mRNA
Stephen Lockhart, Head of EU/AP Vaccines Clinical R&D at Pfizer
Dhaval Patel, Senior Manager, Manufacturing & Technology, Catalent Biologic

Join us to celebrate the journey of mRNA and look at where it goes next.