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Motivate & Delegate

Van derden


When energy, knowledge and skills of a motivated group of people is combined, a team can accomplish more then you can think of.

Motivation is a key player in success as it increases teamwork and stimulates dedicated problem solving. Successful delegation by a team leader is important for the team spirit as well. Delegation engages the team by taking more responsibility and increases the drive to aim for the best results.

It sounds easy, just motivate and delegate your team or just be motivated to the goals you want to achieve. But it is not that simple. Especially in the current situation where working from home became the standard.

But how to successfully motivate, but also delegate your team (when it is not possible to see them face-to-face)?

And how to stay motivated when distractions are just around the corner? And when work-life boundaries are fading away?

Find out during this online TOPX event, where 3 speakers will highlight the topic “Motivate & Delegate” from different angles. We will welcome 2 speakers in a managing/leadership position, one in an academic/scientific environment, the other in a business related environment. In addition, the last speaker will be someone with a coaching role, to tackle the obstacles in motivating and delegating when working from home.



Overall theme: Motivate & Delegate

25 January 2022- Online event – 15:15 – 17:30


Exact agenda to be determined. 

More information: click here.