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Seminar Axon – Mainstreaming Personalised Health

Van derden


6 March, 15.30-20.00h, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Piet Heinkade 179, Amsterdam

Preventative healthcare is gaining momentum. Amongst preventative actions, food products having certain health effects, microbiome therapeutics and digital platforms monitoring and predicting health can play an important role. Obtaining and using evidence for substantiating claimed effects and deployment of the technology in the personal health space requires processing of (sensitive) personal data. Presently, we nearly have a year of experience with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), imposing far more detailed and prescriptive requirements upon companies in the personalised health field than in previous legislation.



A regulatory expert, a nutrition business consultant and an entrepreneur active in the microbiome space will share insights about how the various types of personalised health companies currently active in the market deal with GDPR requirements in practice. Topics will include privacy by design requirements for processing personal data concerning health, accountability requirements accommodating both client and public requests, international transfer of personal data and EU enforcement actions to date.




Karin Verzijden LLM – Regulatory framework for personalised health

Attorney-at-law at Axon Lawyers


Mariëtte Abrahams MBA RD PhD Cand.

How companies are leveraging science and technology to make healthy living & eating the easy choice

Nutrition Business Consultant and Founder Mariëtte Abrahams Consulting


Kristofer Cook MSc MBA – Opportunities and challenges with consumer and corporate solutions for personalised gut health management

CEO Carbiotix


All presentations will be in English. Attendance is free. You are welcome to bring along your colleagues. We appreciate it if you could register no later than five days before the seminar via this link


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