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Life Sciences Café: Dutch Life Sciences Deal Landscape

Van derden


In the last year we saw various successful acquisitions of Dutch biotech companies. What makes Dutch biotech startups so attractive for acquisitions?

In this Life Sciences Café we learn more about the process and the hurdles of these acquisitions, from the experience of Neogene Therapeutics and Frame Therapeutics. How do opportunities for acquisition deals arise, and how are they led to a successful outcome? How does David negotiate with Goliath? And what are the consequences for people working at such companies?

Interesting speakers will be present:

  • Sanne Weijzen, Ph.D., is the Vice President, Corporate Strategy and EU Operations at Neogene Therapeutics. Dr. Weijzen has more than 20 years of combined academic and biotech industry experience. Before joining Neogene Therapeutics, she spent 4 years as a COO of Scenic Biotech, where she was responsible for finance, HR, IP and legal, while building the company from the ground up.
  • Wigard Kloostermanis appointed as Senior Director Cancer Antigen Discovery & Validation at CureVac. Before his role at CureVac Dr. Kloosterman was CSO of Frame Cancer Therapeutics, an immunotherapy start-up in Amsterdam, which was acquired by CureVac in 2022. He holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology (2007) from Utrecht University and until 2019, he was an Associate Professor at the Department of Genetics at the University Medical Center Utrecht, leading a research group in cancer genomics. Besides his role at CureVac, he is a founder of Cyclomics, a spin-off from Utrecht University, focusing on cancer diagnostics.


Date & time: 9 november 2023, 3:30-5:00 PM

Location: Café Restaurant Polder 201, Science Park, Amsterdam

Language: English

Registration fee: free of charge

Visit the event website for more information and registration.

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