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Helpathon: Exploring Animal-Free Antibodies

Van derden

25/10/23 -

Innovative animal-free biomedical research methods are developing rapidly. Existing research mindsets and practices (facilities, grants, regulation and publications) are slowly moving along to include these innovations. Helpathons can help accelerate this in the most pleasant way. These venues are especially valuable in complex fields and locked in situations.

Do you make use of antibodies in your in vitro research? Are you open to animal free innovation? Is your company developing animal-free antibodies? Would you be interested in side by side comparisons between conventional antibodies and non-animal antibodies? Then please join the Helpathon #9, from October 25-26th, and help dr. Juan Garcia-Vallejo, experienced immunologist and director of the cutting edge O2Flow facility for cytometry and cell sorting at the Amsterdam VU University Medical Center, to explore if and how he can transition his facility towards animal-free antibodies.


Hybrid team
– Wednesday 25/10 | 15h00-18h00 | Briefing and open space
– Thursday 26/10 | 16h00 – 18h00 | Presentation and follow up
Maximum: 30 participants

Core team
– Wednesday 25/10 | 13h00 – 21h00 (incl. lunch and dinner)
– Thursday 26/10 | 09h00 – 18h00 (incl. lunch)
Maximum: 30 participants
Venue: O|2 Building VU, Amsterdam

Hybride briefing and debriefing possible for those who cannot be there the full Helpathon.

There is NO fee involved. Only an investment in time, knowledge and commitment. This Helpathon is sponsored by the Dutch TPI program.

For whom?
We are looking for researchers using antibodies; researchers who are experimenting with animal-free antibodies; representatives of companies that produce or develop antibodies; representatives of companies that produce or develop animal-free antibodies; core facility managers, students or participants who are just keen to help Dr. Juan Garcia-Vallejo. We will conduct side-by-side comparisons between conventional antibodies and non-animal antibodies.

Interested in contributing?
For more information and registration, please visit the event webpage.

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