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Helpathon Animal Free Innovation

Van derden

22/05/23 -

Innovative animal-free biomedical research methods are developing rapidly. Existing research mindsets and practices (facilities, grants, regulation and publications) are slowly moving along to include these innovations. Helpathons can help accelerate this in the most pleasant way.

Sue Gibbs, Margot Beukers, Valeria Orvola, Jasper Koning and Germaine Aalderink want to make use of alternatives for animal-based products in their lymph chip models and are calling for Helpathon. The models for skin, intestine and heart diseases themselves are made of human cells and therefore animal-free, but the cells still depend on Matrigel and Foetal Calf Serum for optimal growth. They are asking for help to find alternatives to take the organoid field forward. Can you help them map out where, when and how to find and implement animal-free alternatives for their cultures?

Date: Monday 22/5 14h00 – Wednesday 24/5 14h00
Venue: O2 Building VU, Amsterdam
Number of questions: 3
Number of on-site participants: 60 maximum
Hybride briefing and debriefing.

For whom?
We are looking for experts providing alternatives for Foetal Calf Serum and Matrigel, researchers who have practical experience using the alternatives and anyone else who is looking for them. The knowledge acquired at this Helpathon will be made available to the whole field to ensure broad implementation of these alternatives.

For more information and registration, please visit the event webpage.