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Growing Your Life Sciences Company in The Netherlands

Van derden


The Dutch Life Sciences & Health sector is dynamic, innovative and collaborative. It is characterized by outstanding hubs and clusters linked by first-class physical and digital infrastructure. Home to 3000+ innovative Life Sciences businesses, including 400+ biopharmaceutical companies, the European Medicines Agency, and thousands of MedTech companies, the Netherlands is one of the most concentrated Life Science & Health clusters in the world, all situated within a 2.5-hour drive radius!

This joint webinar on growing your Life Sciences business in the Netherlands allows you to discover the numerous advantages of choosing the Netherlands as your business location. After attending this webinar, you will have a clear understanding of why the Netherlands is an ideal location to establish or grow your Life Sciences business.

Date & time: 30 November 2023 17.00 CET

For more information and registration, please visit the event webpage.

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