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Five Alternative Strategies for your Life Science Research

Five Alternative Strategies for your Life Science Research

Van derden


Due to last year’s great success, The Next Scientists & Health & Innovation District Amsterdam (Hid) are organizing a new edition of this event, which is designed to enhance collaboration between academic researchers and business professionals in the life science industry. By bringing together thought-leaders from both domains, we aim to facilitate dialogue, promote mutual understanding, and stimulate innovation. Whether you’re an academic keen to commercialize your research, a business professional exploring scientific collaborations, or merely intrigued by the intersection of these realms, this event promises to offer valuable insights and potential partnerships.

Date & time: 6 oktober 2023, 17:30 – 12:00h

Location: Sanquin headoffice, Plesmanlaan 125, Amsterdam

Audience: Academic researchers, entrepreneurs, and other professionals from the field of life sciences.

Registration fee: free

For more information and registration, please visit the event webpage.

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