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Expedited Programs Explained: How to Expedite Product Approval in the US and Europe

Van derden


Despite rapid advances in medical science, many patients still suffer from serious diseases that have no cure or which have limited treatments available. Even in conditions where treatments exist, there are still a significant proportion of patients whose disease is refractory and who run out of effective treatment options. In an attempt to combat these unmet medical needs, regulatory agencies across the globe have developed a number of programs and regulatory tools designed to expedite the approval of products likely to be of significant therapeutic benefit.

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Learning objectives of this Complimentary Live Webinar:

  • What are expedited programs and why are they important?
  • Understand which expedited programs are available to Sponsors in the United States vs. Europe (EU and UK)
  • Procedures and timelines in both regions
  • How to determine whether your product is eligible

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