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European Biotech Week 2020

Van derden

28/09/20 -

The European Biotech Week celebrates biotechnology, an innovative and vibrant sector launched by the discovery of the DNA molecule back in 1953. The first European Biotech Week that took place in 2013 marked the 60th anniversary of this pivotal moment in history.

This momentous occasion opened the door to a better understanding of the world we live in both for scientists and for society. Biotech entrepreneurs were able to translate this knowledge into applications for many sectors such as healthcare, agriculture, food, energy, water sanitation and biochemical processing, all of which have changed the world for the better.

Biotech associations are key in helping to maximize the potential of biotechnology. In Europe, the National Associations Council, hosted by EuropaBio, represents 15 national biotech associations that together represent over 1,800 small- and medium-sized biotech companies and organisations.

The 2020 edition will take place from the 28 September until the 04 October!



30 September (13:00 – 14:30): Life Sciences and Biotechnology – Towards a healthy & sustainable recovery


With MEPs Maria Spyraki & Juozas Olekas, Marcus Remmers (CTO, Royal DSM), Dick Sundh (Head of Europe, Kite Pharma) & Andrew Topen (Head of European Affairs, Novartis & EuropaBio Chairman)

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1 October (9:00 – 10:30): Pandemic Preparedness – Beyond COVID-19


With MEP Peter Liese, BioNTech’s COO/CBO Sean Marett & DG RTD’s HoU for Health Innovations Maria Pilar Aguar Fernandez

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