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DIA Startup Accelerator

Van derden


A lack of regulatory awareness can cause you to make strategic decisions that you might regret? No need to be afraid, we have your back.

Attend the DIA Startup Accelerator on 12 March 2024 in Brussels.

  • Get in direct contact with regulatory and HTA representatives
  • Decode regulatory language and understand common pitfalls
  • Reveal HTA and regulatory processes
  • Contribute to bridging the gaps between Regulators, HTAs and Start-ups
  •  Receive a complementary pass for the 1st day of DIA Europe 2024
  • Network with all DIA Europe 2024 participants
  • Learn from our 1st Day Sessions

This learning opportunity is free of charge and can be accessed
by simply sending an email to: Tereza.Krucka@diaglobal.org