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CRISPRcon 2019

Van derden

20/06/19 -

CRISPRcon is an international conference where inspiring speakers, skilled journalists, experts on the subject, and other interested parties meet and discuss the future of CRISPR and other related gene technologies. Among many others, we have invited farmers, patients, religious groups, entrepreneurs, social scientists, ethics researchers and many others.


In addition, several highly acclaimed speakers will lead interesting dialogues which deal with possible applications of CRISPR in, for example, agriculture and health.


This will be the first time that CRISPRcon is held in Europe. Wageningen is proud to be hosting the first European edition of CRISPRcon. Of course, Wageningen University is particularly suitable to act as host, as one of its own professors, John van der Oost, is a genuine CRISPR-Cas pioneer. A pioneer who has won a number of prestigious awards for his ground-breaking research into the CRISPR-Cas system.


Visit the eventpage for more information and registration: https://crisprcon.org/crisprcon-2019/

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