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CMS Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Forum 2023

Van derden


In a world where technology and society rapidly shape the life sciences landscape, there exists a significant gap between these advances and the existing rules and regulations. The CMS Global Life Sciences & Healthcare Forum 2023 ‘Blurring Boundaries’ brings together esteemed legal professionals, visionary life scientists, and influential industry leaders to bridge this gap and explore the challenges and opportunities arising from this convergence.

  • Uncover the latest breakthroughs: Dive into the forefront of life sciences advances, including biotechnology, genetics, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices
  • Address the regulatory gap: Engage in interactive workshops to bridge the divide between rapid innovation and the development of legal frameworks
  • Navigate global challenges: Explore the impact of globalisation, ethical considerations, privacy concerns, and societal implications on the life sciences sector
  • Foster collaboration: Connect with legal and scientific minds, exchange ideas, and build valuable relationships

For more information and registration, please visit the event webpage.

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