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Clinical Innovation: A Futureproof Trial Strategy

Van derden


To get a product to patients fast, efficient clinical trial design has always been top-of-mind for entrepreneurs and innovators developing new drugs. With new IP regulations and sustainability requirements being implemented in the EU and US, this will become more important than ever. Additionally, trial participants are becoming harder to find and traditional efficiency measures have been exhausted. Radical change in clinical study design may be needed to approach these challenges.

A solution may be found in smarter use of data, optimally leveraging new technologies, rethinking the clinical trial enterprise and patient-centric approaches. But will these new innovations be embraced in the field of clinical trials, which is strongly regulated, and traditionally conservative and risk averse?

Join this Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JLABS program as we hear from clinical innovation experts from Janssen R&D how new clinical trial designs are being explored based on new scientific insights.

  • Are Decentralized Clinical Trials the answer to increase clinical trial capacity?
  • How might we identify digital health tools for smarter use of data and the use of real-world evidence? Is the data review process future ready?
  • How do we address the creative tensions between sustainability and competing objectives such as cost, speed, and patient-centricity?

Early innovators and entrepreneurs are invited to join the program in-person in Rotterdam or virtually. We also welcome stakeholders supporting these startups.