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Amorphous and Co-Amorphous Systems for Poorly Soluble Drugs

Van derden


The success of several drugs in amorphous systems in the commercial market confirm that amorphous drug delivery system is one the efficient ways of enhancing solubility and optimizing bioavailability of poorly soluble drugs. Spray drying and hot melt extrusion are the two technologies most widely used for the preparation of amorphous solid dispersion. In addition, co-amorphous systems are also emerging as an attractive formulation strategy for poorly water-soluble drugs. However, its use in drug development is somehow limited due to a lack of understanding of mechanisms governing drug amorphization, stabilization and absorption in vivo.

In this webinar, a renowned expert will provide an overview of co-amorphous research and its recent findings. In particular, the impact of low molecular weight excipient on developability, stability and solubility will be discussed. A Catalent expert will then discuss the amorphous dispersion formulation via spray drying and hot melt extrusion while covering topics such as determining if an API is suitable for amorphous solid dispersions formulation, leveraging the physical and chemical characteristics of an API to design amorphous solid dispersions, understanding the critical criteria for candidate selection, and assessing the appropriate technology to use for a specific API.

More information: https://www.catalent.com/events/amorphous-and-co-amorphous-systems-for-poorly-soluble-drugs/