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Advances in Neuroimmunology: Promise for Novel Therapeutics for CNS Disorders

Van derden


While past pharmaceutical company investment has been thwarted by the complexities of central nervous system disorders, a vibrant investor environment is now supporting exciting new companies with drug discovery programmes for a range of neuroimmunology targets.


Given the advances in this field, Johnson & Johnson Innovation, in collaboration with Janssen Neuroscience, will be hosting a virtual scientific event on state-of-the-art developments in neuroimmunology. The webinar will bring together industry-leading entrepreneurs, biotechs and academic researchers for a discussion on harnessing the next wave of science and innovation in neuroimmunology.


Following the event, entrepreneurs, innovators, academics and researchers active in neuroimmunology, who are interested in talking to the Johnson & Johnson Innovation neuroscience team, can apply to be considered for a one-to-one virtual meeting.


You are most welcome to join us on 30 June. Please register through: https://neuroimmunology.splashthat.com/partner/