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Advancing Data Technologies to Corner AMR 2023

Van derden

22/06/23 -

ADTCA 2023 brings together groundbreaking Data Technologies, and derived products and services which have the potential to greatly influence the global curbing of Antimicrobial resistance (AMR):

  • Generative AI: generate synthetic medical data to train machine learning models, develop new antibiotic candidates, and design clinical trials
  • Deep learning and programs for automated decision making in AMR
  • Chatbots to assist in diagnosis and prescription of antibiotics
  • Forecasting AMR on the basis of real time AMR data
  • Hyper-automation: simplifying tasks with minimal use of human power and knowledge

Selected key note lectures and matchmaking  

ADTCA 2023 offers a series of  selected, short key note lectures by top scientists, elite startups and world class SMEs and multinational companies with upcoming or proven success at the interface of data technology and the global fight against AMR. The online event offers well prepared 1:1 Matchmaking Sessions.

Presenting your Data Technology application?

ADCTA 2023 offers 10 selected Data Technology applications in curbing Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) to be presented. Would you like to present your Data Technology application then please complete the form.

Bringing together Computer Sciences and AMR sector

ADTCA 2023 is a globally unique event that brings together Computer Sciences and the global AMR (Pharma, Diagnostics, Human and Animal Health and Environmental) sectors. The event aims to take the lead to enhance global collaboration, integration of activities and standardization of Data and Information Technologies.


Interested? Please visit the event webpage for more information and registration.