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3Days of 3D cell models virtual event with Hans Clevers

Van derden

10/11/20 -

As organoids, spheroids and the study of 3D cell culture models continue to show their potential in many applications it is important to continue to drive the latest research in this field.

At Thermo Fisher Scientific we are committed to supporting your research by providing not only quality products and services but a platform to encourage learning.

We are delighted to announce the 3 days of 3D event, bringing together our internal R&D scientists as well as the key opinion leaders in the 3D field, such as Prof. Hans Clevers:

“Stem Cell-Based Organoids in Human DiseaseLIVE ONLY” – Hans Clevers, MD, PhD

“Addressing the Needs of 3D Suspension Culture Systems Through the Optimization of a New PSC Medium” – Michael Akenhead

Development of a robust and scalable culture platform for expansion and neural induction of human pluripotent stem cells in suspension culture” – Claudia Miranda

See the full agenda and register at: thermofisher.com/3daysof3d